Nail Survival Guide!!

Follow these easy tips below for beautiful nails always.

  1. Don’t use your nails to open boxes and packages, as this will only result in broken nails.  Instead, use a knife or razor.
  2. Drink plenty of fresh carrot juice daily, as this is high in calcium and phosphorus, which are excellent ingredients for strong nails.
  3. Avoid filing the corners of your nails.  Why? Filing the corners will weaken the nailsand you will find that they will break easily.
  4. When filing the rest of your nails, file from corner to centre.  Don’t file back and forth, as this can cause redges and splitting!
  5. Got splitting nails? Apply hand cream religiously, as this will seal moisture into nails, making them stronger.  Limit the use of nail polish remover as it can make nails brittle.  Finally, keep nails at a length you can manage.  Anything too long will result in you breaking them.
Source: Jusco Pearl magazine

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