Quick guide to a good fit (Bra)

Go through this checklist and you are good to go!

CUPS – Your breasts should fill the cups completely, without spilling over the topof the bra or under your arms.  Spillage means you need a larger cup size.  Wrinkly fabric in the cups means the bra is too large or that it’s the wrong shape for  you.

STRAPS – They should sit straight and flat, without digging in or sliding.  Straps should be re-adjusted after each wear.

BAND – To anchor a brassiere properly, the band, when fastened, must make a prefect circle around your rib cage.  The band should be snug but you should still be able to fit a finger underneath.

UNDERWIRE – They should lie flat against the chest and never sit on top of the breast tissue itself.

CENTRE FRONT – The fabric should sit flat against your chest.

CLOSURE – The closure must lie flat without pulling.  Front closure can’t accommodate slight weight gain or bloating like the back closure can.

Source: Secret of style

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