FUN with pocket sammies :)

November 11, 2010

I made these cute little pocket sammies just now for breakfast – my youngest boy and mine.  Haha…aren’t they too cute to put inside our stomach?? 😉

It was so FUN to play with the sammies.  I use different type of cutter to cut the breads and decorated them with different designs too.

The above are the mini size with signboard and so fun design.  I used nori, cheese and crab meat to decorate them and put in a toothpick for each of them, so can also make them as lollipops.

The following are two signboard design…’No Entry’ and ‘Go Straight’!!

Here are face, flowers, and love designs…

 There are two super mini size bear and star design too…

You can even decorate the sammies with any materials like colorful sugar balls, icing etc…just like the following heart sammie.

It is really a fun way to decorate the pocket sammies and my son was so enjoy looking at me doing the work.  After that…all sammies gone into his little tummy and mine too. LOL!

They are FUN and YUMMY!!! 🙂